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Welcome to Bridge Counseling and Bereavement Center

Depression Therapist in Saint Paul MNBridge Counseling & Bereavement Center is a private counseling center offering supportive counseling & psychotherapy to individuals and families who have recently lost significant support systems in their life.

Whether through death of a spouse, child, parent, or loved one, military duty, divorce, separation from family, grown children, or aging parents; Bridge Counseling Center provides warm, caring, supportive counseling by an experienced, compassionate therapist, knowledgeable in the area of grief & loss and re-adjustment to significant life changes and transitions.


"Bridge Counseling gave me knowledge to understand how my brain was working under stress and crisis and how to rebalance my thinking again to be able to express my feelings constructively during crisis and gain support from relationships."


"The counseling is wonderful - compassionate, supportive and knowledgeable; I learned to function again, and create joy in my relationships, and life again"