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About Counseling

All therapy at Bridge Counseling Center is provided by an experienced psychotherapist with education, knowledge, and training in the area of human development, attachment, trauma, family systems, and grief & loss. The style and orientation of therapy is humanistic and cognitive, focused on the process of emotional & cognitive rebalancing through difficult life transitions, and recovery from depression that often accompanies loss. Bridge Counseling also serves adult survivors of childhood abuse & loss and persons in their senior years of life.

Bridge Counseling provides a genuinely-nurturing, supportive therapy environment necessary for growth & healing and facilitation to joy and living again.


" Bridge counseling gave me hope to overcome my losses, understand my obstacles , and make important choices for change and healing in  my life. "


" In counseling at Bridge Counseling & Bereavement Center, I found strength, courage and clarity to make it through the days of crisis  and loss. "